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My Therapy Approach

As a licensed Sacramento therapist, I’ve seen many patients hesitate to start work on their mental health. It’s intimidating to see a new therapist, and vulnerability is a hard thing to ask for.

My solution: take it slow! Through patience, consistency, and a mutual respect & understanding, we’ll tackle stressors from your relationships, family, and work life.

Eventually, my patients feel comfortable unpacking trauma that helps inform them of their daily emotions and reactions. This is where we see real growth!

My advice: Try! All you can do is give yourself the opportunity to improve your life. See if we’re a good fit by scheduling a free consultation!

How I Can Help

Douglas McQuistan Counseling Offers the following services

Couples Counseling

Infidelity Recovery Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

What My Clients Are Saying

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lake and mountain
“The sacred role of walking with someone or a couple through their hurt is often met with the reward of seeing them connect more to themselves and others.”