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Create Understanding, Foster Validation, & Rebuild Trust

Heal and Rebuild Trust After an Affair.

Comfort And Heal Your Relationship After an Affair.

I understand that you don’t know where to turn to after a violation of trust in your relationship.

You didn’t ask to be looking for an infidelity recovery therapist. The last thing anyone wants in a relationship is to be cheated on.

Now how does one get past the affair?

We understand that the emotions are racing around your head. You need someone to walk you through this without hurting your relationship any further.

With marriage counseling and infidelity recovery, your relationship can be broken down and rebuilt— together.

Give yourselves another chance through communication and fostering trust.

I’m not here to force you and your partner back together, but as long as both sides put in the effort, we will be able to come to a resolution.

You’ve Discovered Your Partner’s Affair:

After discovering an emotional or physical betrayal of trust in the relationship, you are devastated.

The only reality left in your relationship is a sense of betrayal.

You most likely have a dozen questions about the affair, wanting to know specifics about who, what, when, where, & how.

Other areas of your life become neglected as your focus frequently returns to the affair.

You often become overwhelmed with anger, loathing, sadness, and embarrassment.

Sometimes you don’t feel anything at all.

Understand this is all normal, and trust can be rebuilt – with help.

You’re Partner Has Discovered Your Affair:

Witnessing the pain that the affair has caused your partner is making you feel guilt and shame

You’re looking for a way forward without hurting your partner any further.

You’re not sure how to answer your partner’s many questions about the affair.

You have your own issues in the relationship you want to be resolved, but you struggle to find the medium to resolve them because of the affair.

It’s often devastating to watch your partner experience the emotional ups and downs following a betrayal of trust; you feel powerless as you try to right this wrong.

Understand this is also normal, and I’m here to help.

Picture of Doug McQuistan

Hi! It’s me, Doug!

I have had the opportunity to help many individuals better themselves as parents and spouses. The sacred role of walking with someone or a couple through their hurt is often met with the reward of seeing them connect more to themselves and others.

Couples counseling can help your relationship by removing some of the anger from arguments, resentment from fights, and isolation from alone-time. At the same time, it increases intimacy, strengthens communication, and cultivates the happiness that feels like it’s missing.

I invite you to reach out to me to join you on your journey to healing and wholeness.

“I should have gone to see him sooner”

“I saw Doug after losing my house and business in one of the wildfires. I was suffering from depression. I had never seen a therapist or counselor before and was very skeptical. Also, I knew I would only feel comfortable if they had a biblical foundation. Doug was just that. I had no reason to be nervous. He mainly just listened and gave me space to talk which helped uncover some root issues that needed to be addressed. He was a tremendous help. I should have gone to see him sooner in hindsight.”

Get You and Your Partner Back on the Same Team: Start Your Couples Counseling Journey With Your Sacramento Therapist Today!

It can be tough to help a relationship that feels out of place. It’s a challenge even to start! My approach is to help you learn about yourself and your partner. Learn how you can best communicate your needs and hear those of your partner. 

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I understand Douglas McQuistan Counseling does not accept insurance but instead provides Superbill for out-of-network reimbursement.
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