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Christian Therapy

Faith-Based Solutions for Individuals Struggling with Mental Health

You may be struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, or a number of other mental health issues.  Christian therapy can be a very effective support tool for dealing with challenges in mental health. We are all in the process of change, (what the Bible calls transformation). Some of us have dealt with life struggles that seem to cause setbacks in us becoming who God created us to be. With our Christian counseling services, you will feel safe in talking about these areas that you want change; and together we will make tangible goals to work toward them.

What is Christian Therapy?

Christian therapy is working with someone trained in human behavior who understands what motivates lasting change. Christian counseling services provide hope for healing and growth alongside your relationship with God, who loves us and cares for us.

We couple that hope with the belief that this life and its struggles are temporary and we have an eternal future that will be without sorrow. Christian therapy helps a client face the trials of this life in a way that is manageable and supportive.

My Christian therapy is different.

With me, you won’t hear what sin I see in your life and telling you to change. Most Christians already have a sense of where they are not doing well, and just need a non-judgmental place to talk through thoughts & feelings.

The process of opening up to someone, trusting someone, and sharing the deepest hurts will lead to a healing process that challenges negative behaviors. My goal is not to push my faith on my clients. I do believe the Bible to be true and I believe it is clear on many topics.

One topic that is not totally clear is how change happens in people. I have not seen much success in telling people what they need to do to be better. People are much more open to change when we meet them right where they are and we don’t pretend to be a moral authority.

The goal of Christian-focused therapy is to better understand our relationship with ourselves

As we become more loving and nurturing to ourselves, we tend to start to treat others with more love and grace. We then tend to come out from under a shamed-based relationship with the Lord and enter a relationship based on freedom. Many clients have taken on negative self-beliefs from an early age. This happens when a parent gives us the message that we are not worthy to be loved more.

Christian counseling services are powerful in that we go back and understand what is driving our behavior. This is a team approach. If we are dealing with pornography, we trace it all the way back to the hurt that initiated a need to be filled in this unhealthy way. You won’t feel condemned in the process. The non-judgmental and loving approach should actually lead toward a more positive self-view which in turn makes healthy behaviors more sustainable and likely.

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About Doug McQuistan

As a licensed Sacramento therapist, I’ve seen many patients hesitate to start work on their mental health. It’s intimidating to see a new therapist, and vulnerability is a hard thing to ask for.

My solution: take it slow! Through patience, consistency, and mutual respect & understanding, we’ll tackle stressors from your relationships, family, and work life.

Eventually, my patients feel comfortable unpacking trauma that helps inform them of their daily emotions and reactions. This is where we see real growth!

My advice: Try! All you can do is give yourself the opportunity to improve your life. See if we’re a good fit by scheduling a free consultation!

“I should have gone to see him sooner”

“I saw Doug after losing my house and business in one of the wildfires. I was suffering from depression. I had never seen a therapist or counselor before and was very skeptical. Also, I knew I would only feel comfortable if they had a biblical foundation. Doug was just that. I had no reason to be nervous. He mainly just listened and gave me space to talk which helped uncover some root issues that needed to be addressed. He was a tremendous help. I should have gone to see him sooner in hindsight.”

Are you ready to start healing?

If you would like to start on this journey of Christian-focused therapy please reach out and we will schedule a free consultation to discuss the issue and see if we are a fit. With our Christian counseling services, we will start the process together of discovering and living out the life of freedom that Christ made possible for you.

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